Beyond DevTools: Debugging by Proxy

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 - 6:30pm


Tractor Brewery (Wells Park)
1800 4th St NW
87102 Albuquerque , NM
Phone: (505) 243-6752

You know your way inside and out when it comes to DevTools in all the browsers. You understand the network waterfall and can hunt down memory leaks with the best of them. However, you're hitting some sporadic issues on mobile, but you can't reliably reproduce them. Perhaps you've got some minified code in production and you'd really like to just replace it for debugging with unbuilt code, but you don't want to actually put your unbuilt app into production.

Proxies to the rescue! In this talk, Brian will introduce the concept of using a proxy as a debugging tool, showing you how you can observe everything happening at a network level, including hijacking requests, responses, modifying headers, and even emulating latency problems, in order to help you harden your application against the harsh realities of slow, flaky networks.

About the Presenter:

Brian Arnold is a Staff Software Engineer at BazaarVoice. Prior to that, he was the Lead Support Engineer at SitePen, where he spent years digging through and fixing code for a wide variety of clients.