Finding your way with SASS+Compass

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 7:00pm to 8:15pm


O'Niells Irish Pub (Nob Hill)
4310 Central Ave SE
87108 Albuquerque , NM

If you’re still writing Plain Old CSS, you’re behind the times and slowing yourself down. In recent years, “CSS Preprocessors” like LESS, Stylus and SASS have emerged that make writing and maintaining CSS — particularly fancy CSS3 stuff — faster and easier than ever before.

In this session, Ben will introduce you to his favorite CSS preprocessor, SASS, and the accompanying Compass library that makes writing sophisticated, optimized cross-browser CSS a breeze. After briefly covering how to get SASS+Compass set up in a development environment (e.g. a Mac or Linux server), we’ll go over the basics of SASS syntax and the language structure before diving in to highlight a few of the more convenient and awesome parts of the Compass library.

You’ll be blown away at how easy SASS+Compass make it to keep your CSS organized, write responsive styles, generate easy-to-manage sprites, and output compiled CSS that’s compressed for production. You’ll never want to go back to writing plain old CSS ever again!


Ben Byrne is one of the co-managers of HTTQ and has presented locally at Webuquerque (HTTQ’s predecessor) and WordCamp. Co-founder of Cornershop Creative, Ben does everything from UX planning to PHP programming, but his sweet spot is really in design and front-end development. SASS has changed his life and he hopes it’ll change yours too.


The Graphics Station

The Graphics Station has been in the creative design business before the onslaught of the .com or even the exsistence of Google. Of course with changing technologies comes the adaptatation of business. What once was creative design by hand with traditional tools like acrylic and airbrush, is now typically done with photoshop and other mainstream desktop applications. The good news is you get the best of both worlds at The Graphics Station. Our designers have experience in old school design methodologies as well as the cutting edge design techniques and the tools of today.

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