A Piece of the Action: an Apache and htaccess Primer

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm


O'Niells Irish Pub (Nob Hill)
4310 Central Ave SE
87108 Albuquerque , NM

Apache HTTP server powers the vast majority of websites in the world, quite probably including yours. It’s a powerful, complex, and extremely configurable piece of software. Apache’s architecture includes several layers of configuration, including the ability for ‘normal’ users (non-system administrators) to configure Apache to do some very cool things; these features are available through ‘.htaccess’ files.

Greg and Elliot will give a basic overview of the Hyptertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), how Apache interacts with HTTP, and how you can configure Apache to do some pretty nifty things like load-balancing using the superpowered magic of regular expressions and mod_rewrite.

About the Speakers

Greg Gomez been working with the web since 1995 in the public and private sectors. He’s currently employed by UNM’s New Media and Extended Learning, where he manages the department’s web presence.

Elliot Konetzni, Senior Web Architect and All-Around Badass at Central New Mexico Community College, has worked in and around the interwebs for over 10 years. Elliot’s experience in website design, programming, usability testing and server configuration aided in completing his latest project, the complete redesign of cnm.edu.

When Elliot is not managing one of the city’s largest websites he spends his time painting, drawing, making mead and watching violent, underground Kung-Fu movies.

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