Print is Forever : Tools to Ensure Your Fancy-Web-Creation-Dot-Com Will Translate to the World of Ink and Paper

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm


O'Niells Pub
4310 Central Avenue Southeast
87108 Albuquerque , NM

Print is here to stay! …But increasingly it has become easier, faster, and cheaper to create a presence online without producing any printed materials at first. Then, when your web-based venture is wildly successful—congratulations!you’ll likely need to gracefully navigate into the printed world, and thoughtful design consideration from the outset will ensure a smooth transition. From color and typeface choices, to vector-based-graphics, to visual arrangements and stylistic elements, the identity you present online can (and should) be crafted to be ready for the switch to print.

About the Sponsor


Empirical Paths web analytics, split testing, and market research consultants focus only on measuring your marketing and your markets.

Their web analytics practice tells the story behind your numbers by fixing web analytics software implementations, creating custom reports, running A/B tests, and translating data into business insights. Whether you’ve installed Google Analytics, Webtrends, or SiteCatalyst, Empirical Path will make your metrics more trusted, complete, and actionable.

Peter Howley from Empirical Path presented last month, you can see his presentation notes on his website.

About the Presenter
IMG_0215Beth has been spreading her bike-centric, tree-hugging, greenie-weenie design ethos across Burque under the not-at-all-secret alias Mixed Greens Design since 2009. She was trained in Industrial Design, but her focus for the past several years has shifted to include primarily logo and identity design. She has delivered projects ranging in scope from mom-&-pop-shop event flyers to an award winning family history book, and has found her close working relationships with small, local businesses to be deeply rewarding.  More recently, Beth has begun venturing into the wild world of web design and finding that it, like print design, is full of frustrating challenges (dangit!) and triumphant successes (yay!).