Your Survey Responses

Hello comerades,

Thank you so much for participating in our 2014 End-of-Year Survey! We'd like to share a summary of answers, for discussion and for benchmarking, and to share our reactions to them.

We had some technical difficulties - we were limited to 10 questions per survey by our SurveyMoney free plan and so had to compile 3 surveys on to one page. We got 11 answers to the first survey and 4 to each of the subsequent two. Oh well. We'll use a different solution for the next round.

OK off we go.

  • You, on average, attended 4 sessions.

  • This is more than last year, by a landslide.

  • When we asked why, you mostly said it had nothing to do with us. One of you, who I’m assuming said fewer, decried more interesting venues with another reason. “Great members attending, and interesting speakers” appears to be one reason why you attended more talks.

  • You appeared to be more into the speakers than the topics.  Exceptions were ThreeJS and the Brown Rice talk.

  • Your favorite speakers were Brian Arnold and Damon Toal-Rossi.

  • Talks appeared to be exactly at the level you were looking for. “I learned a bit” was both how you felt about talks and what you indicated you preferred to attend.

  • You want more topics on Community Building, Visual UI/UX, Going Freelance, Version Control, and more JS topics, like Grunt. So basically, everything.

  • You love Tractor Brewing, mostly, but also suggested Levitated, Newton’s Cradle, or Draft Station for a change in venue. We’re not currently trying to change the venue unless we find something awesome, but we’d like to hear more about these like what's better about one or another.

Most of you dropped off here. We’ll try to make it easier not to drop off this quickly next time.

  • Those of you who were around for the Swag thought it was good.
  • You didn’t have any negative factors about ABQ Web Geeks that made you dislike us or not attend.

  • You’d like to see us more integrated in the Tech community at large. We agree. We got some suggestions but chat us up and let's get something started.

  • We didn’t communicate with you enough, or just enough, but we got no responses that said too much. So we need to do more.

  • You want Facebook events, and earlier notification of events. Thanks for your specifics.

  • You didn’t go directly to us to find work, but you did go to our Facebook page to post/crowdsource responses for other things. We like that.

  • You really want to see topics presented on moar JS libraries, mapping, and monetization, as your suggestions for 2015 topics.

About You: (again, 4 of you)

  • You live in NM.
  • You are active in Tech.
  • You are both Employees & Freelancers. Not bosses or volunteers.
  • You are in Marketing, IT, and Development.
  • You work in PHP, JS, Python, MySQL, and various command line interfaces
  • .. and you really like at least one language/app you're working with.
  • You're not trying to transition to another tech job or role.
  • You're between 18 and 44 years of age.
  • You're dudes.

We'd be delighted to chat about these results and more on our FB page!